Our Team Portland, OR

Kory Brackett & Jenny Klassen - Owners
Kory Brackett & Jenny Klassen - Owners

Mike Austin - Operations Manager
Mike Austin - Operations Manager

Bryan Adams- Service Manager
Bryan Adams- Service Manager

Angelina "Angel" Schriever - Fleet Admin & Exec. Assistant

Lisa Madruga - Accounts Payable and CSR
Lisa Madruga - Customer Svs. Rep & Accts. Payable

Sabrina Street - Accountant
Sabrina Streed - Accounting & H.R.

Tony Mendez - Lead technician (Fleet)
Tony Mendez - Lead Technician (Fleet)

Israel Vzquez - Technician
Israel Vazquez - Technician

Miquel Mendez - Technician Apprentice
Miquel Mendez - Technician Apprentice

Abraham Sanchez - Helper
Abraham Sanchez - Technician Apprentice

Cristain Castillo - Helper
Cristain Castillo - Service Writer Apprentice

Brandon Cruz - Lead Technician (Retail)
Brandon Cruz - Lead Technician (Retail)

Brandon Sink (Red) - Technician Apprentice
Brandon Sink (Red) - Technician Apprentice

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Bailey Brackett - Customer Svs. Rep & Admin. Support


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Read and Write Google Reviews

Read and Write Google Reviews

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A-1 Automotive
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Portland, OR 97266

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8901 NE 117th Ave
Bldg. A1

Vancouver, WA 98662
"These guys helped me diagnose a pretty solid issue with my van a few weeks ago. They were HONEST...and I mean honest. They could have made a lot of money rebuilding or replacing the engine but instead they looked towards future business and explained to me in detail the cost vs benefit/risks. I was able to let my old car go and have no doubt where I'll return for anything automotive. SOLID team!"

"Love this place! They were super nice, accommodating and helpful with my repair and made me feel like I was a friend and not just a client! Love Bryan, he is so professional but also really cool and helped explain everything to me, given the fact that I know noting about cars lol and I never felt taken advantage of like I have at other shops! Definitely my new go to shop! Love A1!"

"Staff is always warm, friendly, and courteous. Services are performed to top-notch standards. Pricing is more than fair and honest. Whatever issue you are experiencing, they can walk you through the problem and offer an easy to understand resolution. If you are on the fence about where to go, give this place a chance. You will not be disappointed."

"A-1 gives exceptional service. I am very impressed with the friendliness of the staff. Kory does an excellent job communicating while diagnosing your car's problems, and explaining in detail what the options are for a fix. The turn-around-time is great and it's apparent that they value their customers. This shop is a model for how a business should be run."

"All of the staff were incredibly kind and accommodating. I'm not from the area and my car broke down unexpectedly while visiting. Despite having a full day, when I called and told them of the issues I was having they encouraged me to still come drop my car off as soon as possible so at the very minimum they could inspect it and I could have a reference point for when I returned home. Within a few hours they were able to inspect my car and diagnose it. The staff answered all my questions, big and small. Their prices were fair and affordable and even got my dad's thumbs-up (who is a mechanic himself) when I showed him the diagnostic and the receipt. I was very lucky to have had their expertise and their team so I could safely continue my trip in Portland!"

"I brought my 95 Camery to this location for some battery problems after I saw all of the positive reviews on Google. WOW, I am so happy with my decision, Bryan was incredibly knowledgeable over the phone and answered all of my questions very quickly. The work done to my car was great, with no attempted upsells. The price was RIGHT!! Very happy overall, will recommend to all of my friends and family."

"Brian over there was really nice, spent about 15 minutes giving me costs and options for some repairs and maintenance I'm looking to have done, without any commitment. Definitely knew my truck, seems very knowledgeable, but just being treated nice is enough for me to give them my future business."

"The tensioner to my Dodge Ram 2500 broke and the Serpentine belt went with it. I called Brian at A1 and he told me to bring it in, although it looked like it was going to be too busy a day for them get a chance to look at it. Well, once I had it towed there, they looked at it right away. In fact, they squeezed me in and had a new part and belt put in within a few hours and I was on my way home.

This is just one of many positive times they have helped me with my truck and my wife's Toyota. I would NEVER go to another service center. Their service and kindness is unmatched. Trust me, they are one of a kind. Thank you SO much, A1 for all you do!"


"There is a reason why I keep coming back to this shop and its always because they always do a fantastic job. Starting with their communication, they always remain honest and always look out for your best interests. As their customer service is phenomenal, the quality of work they perform is just good if not better. The two times I left their parking lot after getting work done, I've noticed immediate and significant improvements on the way my car operates. Thanks A1!"