What Is Triggering My Check Engine Light?


In the event that your check engine light comes on, the impulse might be to worry that you're on the cusp of an automotive disaster----but this isn't necessarily the case because your check engine light can be triggered by something as minor as a loose gas cap. Regardless, you'll still want to take the proper precautions and promptly visit a shop that has advanced computerized diagnostic equipment that can make a quick and accurate determination of the issue at hand. Here's a look at six common reasons that a check engine light turns on.

Failing Mass Air Flow Sensor

This keeps tabs on the amount of incoming air and then determines how much fuel to inject with it. If this is what is causing your check engine light to illuminate, it won't be particularly expensive to get it taken care of.

Faulty Catalytic Converter

Unlike the mass airflow sensor, if this is your issue, it could be fairly costly. Nonetheless, it'll need to be addressed because of the importance of the catalytic converter, which turns carbon monoxide into an emission that isn't as damaging to the environment.

Failing Oxygen Sensor

This monitors how much unburned oxygen there is in your vehicle's exhaust system. Trouble with your oxygen sensor can lead to worsening gas mileage, as well as issues with your catalytic converter.

Faulty Ignition Coil

This plays a pivotal role in creating the spark that your engine needs to fire up on all cylinders. Ignition coils can end up failing because of extreme weather temperatures, but also eventually from standard wear and tear.

Bad Battery or Charging System

This might also be the reason that the light is coming on, depending on your vehicle's year of manufacture.

Poorly-Fitting Gas Cap

A loose or missing gas cap can result in fuel evaporating before you get the chance to use it---and it can actually trigger your check engine light.

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