6 Services Provided by a Reputable Portland Mechanic


When looking for a mechanic, it's best if you can find one who can take care of a wide variety of automotive issues. From brakes to exhaust to engine repair, it will be much more convenient if you can find an auto shop that you can keep going back to, time and time again, for years on down the road.

There a number of services that will be provided by a reputable mechanic. Here is a look at six of those services.

Brake Repair

You never know when you might encounter a deer or an intoxicated driver. When the unexpected happens, you need to be able to know that your brakes are going to work perfectly. Some signs that you need brake work include squealing, grinding, and veering to the side when you step on the brake pedal.


With transmission issues you want to get to the shop quickly to potentially save yourself from more expensive repairs. One symptom that could indicate a transmission problem is stalling. Another is popping out of gear for no apparent reason.


Once your odometer rolls past the 100,000 mile mark, it's a good idea to get to the shop for a tune-up every 10,000-20,000 miles thereafter.

Tire Rotation

If it feels like your vehicle is providing you with an uneven ride, then it could well be time for you to get your tires rotated.


Modern computerized diagnostic equipment can assist the mechanic in ensuring that the issue is diagnosed quickly and correctly, meaning that it will take less time to get your car back out on the road.

Oil Change

These days, some folks argue that you can go longer than the standard of 3,000 miles. Regardless, the important thing is that you are keeping the right amount of clean oil in your engine.

If you're in need of auto repair or maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable professional. For auto repair and maintenance in Portland, OR, the experts to contact are at A-1 Automotive at (503) 616-5479. Go ahead and give A-1 a call today!

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