4 Important Reasons to Conduct Oil Changes on TIme


There is a lot of responsibility that comes with vehicle ownership. Not only is it important to practice safe driving but provide regular maintenance to our vehicles so that they can continue to transport us everywhere we need to go. From new tires to transmission fluid flushes, there is a wide array of services are vehicles require, generally based on mileage intervals. One of the most important auto maintenance services our vehicles need are oil changes, which are usually done every 3,000 miles or at manufacturer recommendations. Here are 4 reasons to never skip out on an oil change!

Remove Engine Sludge

As oil circulates through the engine it picks up dust, tiny metal shavings and other contaminants that have made their way inside the engine. This grime will increase the friction between the oil and the moving parts of the engine, causing it to have to work harder than it would with fresh oil. When the old oil is drained during an oil change all of this gunk is removed as well!

New Oil Filter

Along the same lines as removing gunk from the engine through draining the old oil, most of that debris ends up stuck in the oil filter. If the filter goes unchanged oil will not be able to be passed through the filter and there will be an increase in metal on metal contact within the engine because of the lack of lubrication.

Engine Temperature

Fresh engine oil helps reduce engine operating temperature by decreasing the amount of heat produced by friction. New oil is also engineered to absorb heat, but it loses its ability to do so as it breaks down with use and collects the contaminants inside the engine.

Proper Lubrication

The main reason you need to change your oil on time is to ensure that the engine has sufficient lubrication. There are many moving parts inside an engine and they rely on oil to ensure there is minimal metal on metal contact, which can be extremely damaging for an engine, likely resulting in a need for major engine repair.

Putting off an oil change is only going to cost you more in the long run. If you need an oil change in Portland for your Asian or domestic vehicle bring it to A-1 Automotive. Our ASE certified mechanics will get your car in and out of the shop very quickly! We also complete all sorts of Asian and Domestic auto repairs, so be sure to call A-1 Automotive at (503) 616-5479 any time you need expert auto repair in Portland.

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