5 Red Flags that Could Mean You Need a New Fuel Filter


The fuel filter isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we think about our automotive wish lists. It isn't exactly a vintage European sports car, or even a new set of seat covers for that matter. Still, it quietly goes about its job, and what an important job that is. The fuel filter works to ensure that your engine is receiving fuel that is not polluted with contaminants that could include anything from dirt to paint chips. As I bet you already know, gas is what what makes your car go. But if you have an old, clogged-up fuel filter, your car isn't going anywhere. It's easy to undervalue the importance of this device, but the reality is that it serves an absolutely essential purpose, and keeping a fresh one in place is very important. It's just one of those basic maintenance things really. While it might seem like something that you can continue to put off, you're just continuing to decrease your engine's performance. So, really, you might as well just get in and get it taken care of. There are a number of red flags that could mean that you need a new fuel filter. Here are five of those signs:

Car won't start

Obviously, this symptom isn't unique to issues with the fuel filter, and could be caused by something else. However, if your filter is so clogged that it can't pass gas along to your engine, then you won't be able to fire up your car.

Hard time starting

If your car will start, but is having a hard time doing so, this could mean that your fuel filter is mostly-clogged, but not quite all the way clogged. At this point, you'll want to get to the shop to get it changed out so that you don't have to worry about ending up stranded because you didn't take care of it sooner.

Herky-jerky engine idling

If you're sitting there at a stoplight and your car is experiencing shaky idling, it could very possibly be that your engine is having trouble drawing gasoline as a result of a clogged-up filter.

Struggling at low speeds

If your car has a tendency to thrive on the freeway, but then get all shaky at low speeds, this could be one more sign of a faulty fuel filter.

Car dies while on the road

If it had already been seeming like your engine was having trouble with drawing fuel, and then all of a sudden it dies, this could well mean that the problem finally got too bad for your car to operate.

If you're experiencing fuel distribution problems, be sure to get in touch with an industry professional. In the Portland, OR area, the experts to contact are at A-1 Automotive at (503) 616-5479. Let A-1 help you stay moving on the road.

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