Make an appointment for these six winter maintenance tasks in Portland, OR!


The readings on the thermometer are plummeting and the days are growing darker. In the months ahead, there will be numerous times when the temperatures drop below freezing, making it all the more important that you get you vehicle to a reputable mechanic that can provide the maintenance measures that will offer safety and mechanical benefits. Here's a look at six types of winter maintenance available at a trusted auto shop in Portland, OR.

Brake Inspection

Because you'll be spending much more time driving on roads that are slick and darkened, it's all the more important that your brakes are working to absolute perfection so that you keep your family safe, as well as anyone with whom you're sharing the road.

Check Exhaust System

The winter months mean you'll be regularly driving with the windows up, making it increasingly important that you don't have an exhaust leak.

Check Tire Tread & Pressure

Especially if you enjoy mountain adventures, you'll want to get this done before the hardest winter storms hit.

Check Heater/Defroster

This isn't all about providing warmth and comfort, but also about having a safe field of vision through your windshield.

Check Battery & Charging System

Because freezing weather can be so brutal on a battery, it's important that yours is in strong condition and isn't likely to leave you stranded and in a precarious situation.

Add New Antifreeze

For harsh winters, the fresh stuff is the best stuff!

If you're in need of auto maintenance, be sure to get in touch with a reputable auto shop. For winter auto maintenance in Portland, OR, the experts to contact are at A-1 Automotive at (503) 616-5479. Go ahead and give A-1 Automotive a call today to make an appointment for any of your repair or maintenance needs!

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