3 Signs you may need an Engine Rebuild


Signs you may need an Engine RebuildThe engine is the heart of your vehicle. It requires meticulous care in order to stay healthy. Without proper maintenance an engine can fail, leaving you stranded on the side of the road, awaiting a costly tow and auto repair. While forgetting to change the oil and provide other maintenance for your engine can cause major damage, regular wear and tear over hundreds of thousands of miles can also cause your engine to need repair. But knowing the signs of engine failure will ensure you get your car to an auto repair shop for preventative maintenance, before you end up stuck on the shoulder.

Banging or Knocking Sound

An engine's moving parts rest on engine bearings. If these bearings are not lubricated properly and begin to fail they will create a high volume knocking noise. If these bearings fail completely the engine will seize.

White Exhaust

If oil burns with gasoline it will cause your exhaust smoke to be a very white color. This often happens due to worn piston rings that allowing oil to drip into the cylinders to be burned with the gas. If oil is burned it means the engine isn't being properly lubricated.

Metal Flakes in Engine Oil

When you change the oil, or when it is changed at your favorite local repair shop, be sure that the old oil is inspected for metal flakes. If any are found then it means there is metal on metal friction happening internally in the engine. This means parts have become warped or there is not proper oil flow within the engine.

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